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Massacre at Agua Caliente, A Western Tragedy by Craig Rainey
Massacre at Agua Caliente, A Western Tragedy by Craig Rainey
By: Craig Rainey

Massacre at Agua Caliente

A Western Tragedy

* Available in Paperback, eBook, Kindle and Nook

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Massacre at Agua Caliente, A Western Tragedy by Craig Rainey
Massacre at Agua Caliente, A Western Tragedy by Craig Rainey
By: Craig Rainey

Massacre at Agua Caliente

*Available in Paperback, eBook, Kindle and Nook
Massacre at Agua Caliente, A Western Tragedy by Craig Rainey
More About the Book

A Lovely Mexican Debutante is Kidnapped by a Ruthless Outlaw

I n this western novel, Boyd Hutton is a desperate and ruthless outlaw, known for his swift and deadly actions. His latest crime, the attempted robbery of the most secure bank in the western territories, ends with the destruction of his devoted gang of outlaws. Alone, he eludes the pursuit of a vengeful posse and determined Texas Rangers. He is joined along the way by young Cab Jackson, who helps him across the Rio Grande into Mexico where Hutton continues his crime wave. Although Massacre at Agua Caliente is a Texas frontier novel, the action continues south of the Rio Grande in Mexico. Hutton and Jackson crash a Quinceanera where Hutton encounters Juliana. Unexpectedly, Juliana's interest in the tall stranger turns into a desperate fight for her life as Hutton kidnaps her and eludes the immediate pursuit of her father's men.

A member of Mexico's elite, Juliana will learn that despite the efforts of her father, the Mexican army, and relentless bounty hunters, she will have to rely on a courage and inner strength she never knew she possessed. Torn from her life of luxury and privilege, her life-threatening experiences on the run, in an unforgiving wilderness, changes her. As the kidnappers elude desperate rescue efforts Juliana becomes an opponent unlike any Hutton has ever before faced. Before the end of her ordeal, Juliana will grow to learn much about her father, her captors, and to her surprise, her own abilities and strengths.

Massacre at Agua Caliente, is based upon the award-winning screenplay by the same name. Masterfully written in the unique style of turn-of-the-century western authors, the action-packed story is beautifully crafted with rich description and colorfully authentic dialogue.

Massacre at Agua Caliente has been favorably reviewed by critics and readers alike for its unique story, writing style and textured characters that leap from the page and make the reader care about them.

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Massacre at Agua Caliente - A Western Tragedy

In this action-packed western novel, the style of turn of the century western authors meets the grit and intrigue of modern writers. The characters leap from the pages of the novel. The dialogue is authentic and important. The Novel is based upon the award winning script of the same title.

Chapter 1

““You are funny”, said the smaller man. “It is a sad thing these are your last words.” The smaller man moved with surprising quickness towards his target. As he did, he drew a gleaming blade as large as his arm. The grinning villain hardly had time to straighten and reach for his pistol when the blade sunk to the haft into his chest.

Chapter 2

Cole spoke to the group in a hushed yet urgent manner. “There are two Injuns on top of that butte at about half a mile.” He touched the side of his head with an index finger. “Where there’s two, there’s more. We are gonna, real easy like, get them wagons moving.”

Chapter 3

““Howdy, stranger”, said the seated man. “I’m Jim Murray and this is Cal Stubbs. We’re Texas Rangers. What’s your name?” Cab put down his fork and sipped his coffee. He sat down the cup and leaned back.

Chapter 4

The ranger turned the corner at the rear of the stone bank. He stopped abruptly as his way was blocked by two armed men block-ing the dirt path. “Howdy, lawman”, said the smaller and bearded of the two. “Howdy yourself”, said the ranger. “This ain’t a good idea.”

Chapter 5

Shin was in the act of turning to look behind him when an arrow pierced his neck with a grinding sound. He grasped at the arrow-head protruding from his throat and gurgled a bloody bubble.

Chapter 6

Without preamble, Boyd’s pistol appeared, and he shot Kyle through his heart. The big man faltered a step then continued forward. He took two more steps then went to his knees. His hands gripped his chest and came away crimson. Boyd was already turning towards Crease as the big man fell on his face.

Massacre at Agua Caliente Promotional Video

A short video of the Western Novel Massacre at Agua Caliente.

Massacre at Agua Caliente, A Western Tragedy by Craig Rainey

Massacre at Agua Caliente - The Characters

After his failed attempt to rob the most "unrobbable" bank in the territory, Boyd Hutton escapes to Mexico and kidnaps the lovely Juliana.

Massacre at Agua Caliente, A Western Tragedy

Boyd Hutton

Handsome and rugged, Hutton is an infamous outlaw and gunslinger, guilty of numerous crimes including kidnapping and murder. His flight from Texas Rangers finds him in Mexico where he kidnaps the daughter of a powerful government official.


Her intelligence is matched only by her beauty. The apple of her father's eye, she is kidnapped from her sisters Quinceanera. Held captive and on the run, she will face an unstoppable foe armed only with her courage and cunning.

Cab Jackson

Cab, Hutton's young trail partner from New York's 5 points, is torn between his desire to earn fame as a notorious outlaw and his concern for the leader's violent actions.

Rigo Herrera

The infamous man hunter is put on Hutton's trail. Intrigued by the fearless brazenness of the American outlaw, he will pursue the kidnapper and murderer until one of them is dead.

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Massacre at Agua Caliente, A Western Tragedy, is available in paperback for those who prefer to clutch and grab their pulp fiction. Additionally, the book is available in digital form including Kindle Nook and digital PDF formats.

Massacre at Agua Caliente, A Western Tragedy by Craig Rainey

Notable Scenes in the Book

Massacre at Agua Caliente - A Western Tragedy, is fast paced and clever, with a rough edge. If you enjoy western outlaw novels you will love this novel.

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Craig Rainey

Craig Rainey (1962 - ) is an American film actor, author, screenwriter, and musician. He was born in San Angelo, Texas and lives in Austin. His Texas roots hail back to the original Impresario settlers of Coahuila y Tejas under Stephen F. Austin. He is a military veteran, sales trainer and motivational speaker, and he cowboyed professionally in south Texas. His fiction novels include Massacre at Agua Caliente, Stolen Valor, a Carson Brand Novel, and Dark Motive, A Carson Brand Novel.

His non-fiction sales training book, The Art of Professional Sales, Handbook for the Career Seller, was released October 2020. As a screenwriter, his scripts have won numerous awards at film festivals including: Best Narrative Period Piece, Most Likely to be Produced as a Movie, and was Official Selection for many more. Craig Rainey won Best Breakout Writer for the script Massacre at Agua Caliente.


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Massacre at Agua Caliente, A Western Tragedy by Craig Rainey

Massacre at Agua Caliente

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